Emergency Dental Care

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Rauzman Dental Is There for You When You Need Us Most

Dealing with a dental emergency immediately can prevent you from suffering unnecessary and excessive pain. Prompt and professional care could potentially even save a tooth altogether. Rauzman Dental is equipped to handle all dental emergencies. For decades, we have helped patients across New Jersey with their dental needs. We can assist you, too. You can rely on us to provide you with caring and capable dental services in your time of need.

When You Can’t Wait

You should immediately go to a dentist if you:

  • Experience an extreme and unrelenting toothache.
  • Break, chip, or crack a tooth. Rinse with warm water and apply a cold compress. Also, bring any tooth fragments to the dentist in a wet towel.
  • Knock out a tooth. Insert the tooth back into the socket, if possible; if not, hold the tooth under your tongue while heading to the dentist.
  • Break your jaw. Apply a cold compress to your face and immediately proceed to your dentist or the emergency room.
  • Bite through your tongue or lip. Rinse your mouth and use a cold compress to reduce swelling en route to our office.

Emergency Dentists in Nutley

Sometimes, the problem can be less clear cut than a damaged or broken tooth. However, anytime you are suffering from extreme tooth or mouth pain, we advise calling our dental office. We will make an appointment with you and help you create a plan to make you feel better as soon as possible. You can count on us for fast and effective emergency dentistry in Nutley.