Planmeca Low Dose 3D Scan

Dentist Clifton

Safe, Accurate Imaging Technology

At Rauzman Dental, we utilize high-quality dental imaging systems from Planmeca. Planmeca’s 3D-scan products deliver clear, detailed dental images without putting patient health at risk — their machines operate at radiation levels that are “as low as reasonably achievable.”

The low-dose ability of Planmeca scanning technology does not risk image quality. With Planmeca, our Nutley dentists are able to view complete 3D models of patients’ teeth, and use those models to provide top-notch dental work.

The Benefits of Planmeca Low-Dose Dental Imaging

With the help of Planmeca’s ultra-low-dose scans, our dentists can view 3D images of your teeth that inform plans for future treatment. This technology provides the full scope of modern imaging systems, with much less of the harmful radiation.

Using Planmeca low-dose 3D scans, our dentists can:

  • Check for cavities
  • Evaluate the straightness of teeth
  • View wisdom teeth growth
  • Look at jaw issues
  • Determine the need for implants

Low-dose scans are an essential tool for viewing dental problems and developing a correction plan. Planmeca allows us to do this in the most low-risk way possible.